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Tax consultancy

Based on the characteristics of the client we choose the best tax strategy to use for companies , self-employed and private workers. Tax consultancy covers all aspects of taxation, direct and indirect taxes of individual companies, collectives, associations and bodies. The Studio Negri e Associati offers, as part of tax consulting, assistance to its customers, constant for the most complex problems, up to the representation in every degree of judgment in the eventuality of a dispute tax. In detail:

  • Specific assistance for direct, indirect and substitute taxation (IRAP, IRPEF, VAT, IRPEG, etc.);
  • Telematic transmission of tax declarations and deeds;
  • Financial statements according to the provisions of the Italian Civil Code, accounting principles and tax regulations. Balance Analysis to monitor and plan future management. Delivery upon request of interim financial statements;
  • Accounting preparation and keeping, journal book, inventory book, social books, VAT registers;
  • Elaboration of the Unico model including: income tax declaration, IRAP declaration, model 770, VAT declaration, sector studies. ICI processing;
  • Peripheral office CAAF CGN collection mod. 730.

Company Consulting

Establishment of companies with identification of the appropriate legal structure and the appropriate organization of the company. Consultancy in ordinary corporate obligations, in relations between shareholders, between these and the company, between companies and corporate bodies. Acquisition and sale of companies and shareholdings. Restructuring and corporate reorganization: contributions, mergers and mergers, transformations, demergers. Liquidation and dissolution. Lease contracts, association in participation, loan contracts, rental of companies. Arbitration, transactions and settlement of judicial and extrajudicial disputes.

Work Advice

Studio Negri e Associati offers its customers a payroll processing tailored to customer needs. Each company has a dedicated interlocutor, constantly updated and trained. The delivery of the works is quick and easy thanks to the publication on the web. The management of work consultancy is a delicate activity that allows you to manage the human resources of the company in an optimal manner. This is why the Firm and its professionals constantly strive to deepen the problems by finding the best solutions.

  • Employee contractual frameworks of employees;
  • Social security and insurance frameworks of the company;
  • Job contracts;
  • Procedural procedures concerning the organization of work. LUL and mandatory books;
  • Compliance with laws and practices in the field of labor law;
  • Trade union relations and disputes;
  • Personnel search and selection (Our office is authorized by the Ministry of Labor through the delegation of the Labor Consultants Foundation for the carrying out of the activity of job intermediation and research and selection of personnel).

Our Labor Consultants offer expertise, professionalism and confidentiality in the care and management of human resources.

Extraordinary operations

Customer support for extraordinary transactions refers to mergers, demergers and acquisitions transactions. The service also includes activities relating to company valuation, company branches and social quotas that are often complementary and linked to the extraordinary operation.